Meet Tarun Bhati, The Young Entrepreneur Rise of The Digital World…

As a digital marketer, making a name is not so easy, you have to show your own business and attract individuals and brands around you to the digital world. Here we are talking about the young digital marketer Tarun Bhati on the digital world. We all know about the company – Oleada Capital, that it is a very well-known company which is a firm headed by a young venture capitalist Tarun Bhati. In which Tarun Bhati has attained many different achievements. Tarun Bhati is a young 19-year-old venture capitalist and entrepreneur who has earned a lot of money using his passion for work and making the best use of his experience.

Tarun Bhati started investing at a very young age and allowed many more people of the same age group to invest and make money, which was not a straightforward and easy route for Tarun Bhati. he lost a lot of money in the initial phase of investment, but he still did not give up and he learned from his experiences and made money to compensate for his losses by strengthening his confidence and turning his investment into profit.

Tarun Bhati is a man who has used his skills and knowledge to help others and then he set up his own venture capital firm and helped people to invest in the local markets of Delhi and many people with his guidance, he also bought stakes in companies. He has also worked with well-known companies such as Offertoro and AdGatemedia.

Tarun Bhati is the only person who came up with many creative solutions at the age of just 19 and then earned money from him while most of his peers and friends have been busy playing and studying. Tarun Bhati is formally educated, but did not pass any particular course. At this young age, he created his second venture, WinRobux, which allowed users to post their profiles, brands, and even advertisements and would be paid in a gaming currency called Robux. Similarly, he created another company called Prior Public, which deals with promotions and advertising with advertisements. Tarun Bhati’s passion for his work and his story is an example to the younger generation that hard work and dedication have to pay for any successful work. Tarun Bhati dreamed of being self-reliant from a very young age and even after losing a lot of money at a young age manifested his dreams but he still did not give up. The success story of Tarun Bhati is a perfect example of how a person can achieve all his dreams of life by working hard.

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