Chris Robinson Self Made Young Entrepreneur from whom you can learn many things.

No God Father, no extra Money everything he achieved at a tender age is all thanks to his vision, creativity, hard work and passion. 

Newborn entrepreneurs are amazing, aren’t they? We’re never more surprised to see the caliber of entrepreneurs joining our Young class. It’s always hard to pick the best from the top list, but we have to give one name that can motivate others in various fields. This time, we pick up an entrepreneur who is doing an excellent job with the Sneaker business name Chris Robinson. So all the sneaker lovers get ready to know about the best in the business.

Chris Robinson

 He is a leader in influencer and self-made Entrepreneur running a successful sneaker business for a long time. A young lad from Long Branch, NJ, started thinking about business at a tender age and started to work for his dreams from the age of 14. 

In no time he opened his first store in 2007 called ‘Addicted Sole’, which in 2009 got closed down. However, in 2011, he opened his current store in Long Branch, NJ and has already worked the way to the top in around a decade of being in the industry. 

All his experience and expertise in the Sneaker business help Chris Robinson expand his business traditionally and on online platforms. His work is different; it provides A-grade quality, and very stylish sneakers compare to others in the market.

This young Entrepreneur loves to travel other than business, eat good food, exercise regularly, and go sneaker hunting. Chris Robinson works harder each day to achieve all his life goals, which are to get his net worth to $5 million, buying a Rolls Royce truck, and getting them customized the ceiling to the constellations. His life is clear, and he is almost there to achieve it all at a young age.

You must visit his branded Skateshop and is raring to soon dominate the SB sneaker collecting world. 

To know more about Chris Robinson, do follow him on Instagram @sbcollector.

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