NYC Smile Design: The new hub for dental and cosmetic care on the grid of healthcare industry.

Dr Ramin Tamim and Dr Elsa Mello together embarked upon a journey of a lifetime to build a state of art and technologically advanced center. 

The healthcare industry over the past decade or so have seen tremendous amount of demand. More and more patients now seek doctor’s opinion over small doubts as well. Recent advent of technological advancements and top of class healthcare centers have increased the customers demand who seek for the best. Dentistry and cosmetic surgery are one of the wide fields of the healthcare industry which have seen humongous demand. The more the demand, equivalent the supply. Now we have seen many centers coming up even in peripheral areas and not just in metro cities. The need of the patient to look good, feel good, pose a sweet smile has become the new basic needs of this generation. The need of a dental or a cosmetic surgery in the US has grown by double digits in the last decade. Dr Tamim and Dr Mello have ensured to set up a world class healthcare facility (NYC Smile Design) in the field of Dentistry, Cosmetics, Orthodontics, Periodontics to meet the customers demand and also with a vision to continuously carry out various training programs and educate the future generation of doctors to be the best in the field. 

Dr Tamim and Dr Mello’s meticulous and tremendous efforts in building up the brand of NYC Smile Design took lot of grinding and hard work to finally find the firm in 1994. Since then, it has been highly instrumental in not only treating the patients but has been also extremely helpful in carrying out continuous medical education for young dentists and cosmetic surgeons. Setting up their practice initially in Manhattan and New York enabled them gather lot of patients through their esteemed work culture and also through word-of-mouth publicity. NYC Smile Design now caters to patients all over the US and across the globe. Their recent emergence and demand have spread like fire, all thanks to the never-ending efforts that they put in each patient to deliver desirable results and make the patient go home happy. With a dedicated team of professional doctors and highly efficient staff, NYC Smile Design have been successful in catering to wider spectrum of patients, helping them treat with their concern, and most importantly delivering the final end results for better outcome and patient care. 

The social media age and current generation who have been tech savvy always pop-up different platforms and website to check out their authencity. NYC Smile Design had developed their website long time back and infact provided various patient testimonials for others to see and witness their magical work. By putting up various before and after images, NYCSD wanted people to feel and be aware of the process involved. With a single objective to keep on educating the patient who are visiting their website, they wanted to make the process more relatable and easier for them. 

Dr Tamim and Dr Mello feel that there is a tremendous potential in the field of dentistry and cosmetics for fellow future dentists to pursue their career. They want to continue to teach, educate, and mentor young budding dentists in near future. We wish both of them all the luck. Do visit their website

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