Giving a new ‘high’ to people with a unique glass gravity hookah is Stündenglass.

The brand has gone above and beyond to cater to clients, giving them exceptional contactless smoking experiences.

It is always very surreal to know and learn about all those people, entrepreneurs and brands that aim to do the different always. This hunger to keep evolving and offering the world the ‘unique’ is what helps in keeping them at the top of the game and makes them established names in a very short span of time. Stepping into an already vast and competitive industry like the hookah space has never been easy, but a certain brand named Stündenglass has done that successfully and has also gone ahead in creating its unique niche as a contactless gravity-powered device. This is something people had not even heard about before. Tracey Huston, the CEO and Founder of Stündenglass, did it after realizing how modern-day technology was required to cater to modern-day problems of the business world.

After people became too conscious of sharing their mouthpiece with anyone else, the hookah industry saw many downturns and even losses. Tracey Huston believed it was time to come up with something new and this led to the inception of Stündenglass. Today, it has grown as a brand that has become the first in the world to offer gravity-powered contactless water hookah. Since it has now also been acquired by Grenco Science, known for releasing vaporizers, the device has attained much more buzz on a global level, where people can’t wait to try the one of a kind device and experience the magical smoking experience themselves.

Grenco Science also offers a G pen Connect, which is a male adapter that can attach to any bong, enabling people to use concentrates without any elaborate torch setup. People can connect this G Pen with the Stündenglass for creating concentrates gravity bong, which people can purchase at an additional cost. However, Stündenglass with this G Pen Connect has attracted more attention from people, resulting in more sales.

Also, to help people out with this new piece, Stündenglass even uploaded ‘how to content’, including ‘how to clean it’, on their YouTube page, which again has made Stündenglass a unique brand for going above and beyond for its clients, showing them how to operate the bong. All in all, it is an impressive device, which has made many fall for it instantly.

To learn more about it, follow the brand on Instagram @studenglass.

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