Determined to help artists and producers achieve their desired success by his firm ‘Indie Fire Global is Northside2x.

He is a 26-year-old producer, A&R, who runs his news and media website that is driven to help artists and producers, helping them achieve prominence.

There is a set of people who dream to make it huge in their areas of interest, and there is another set of people who not only desire to create a successful career for themselves but, along the way, also want to impact lives in ways more than one. This very attitude and intention are what really help certain individuals stand apart from others and take them forward in their respective industries, getting them the success they seek. Ralph Leon Mabone, aka Northside2x, from Memphis, TN, the US, who is making it count in the hip hop niche in America’s music scene each day, is of the view that every individual who wishes to be a part of this industry needs to first feel passionate about it and then determinedly move ahead to put every possible effort for creating their unique niche in the same.

However, the 26-year-old youngster who is today a producer, A&R and runs ‘Indie Fire Global’, his news and media website, also understands that not all get the right opportunities in their journeys to exhibit their talents and musical passion. To cater to all such talents, Northside2x came up with Indie Fire Global and as the CEO has been giving in his best to help artists and producers get the promotion and buzz, they need in the industry by featuring them on his website, which is today known as the #1 New Indie Platform.

Northside2x is determined enough to help artists and producers through Indie Fire Global and give them a voice through the platform so that the world knows about their passion, their latest drops and releases and so much more, ultimately giving them success; they are running after.

Northside2x has gone ahead much others in the American music scene and has earned the respect of many in the industry while still being a youngster. To know more about him and his platform, follow them on Instagram @iamnorthside2x and @indiefireglobal.

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