Gavin Mayo is successfully running one of the biggest stock discords in the world.

Gaining more than 50,000 members within a month, Gavin has taken over his educative initiative in a big way. 

Gavin is a nineteen year youth who hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who has excelled in stock trading exceptionally, and is now on a mission to educate others by spreading his knowledge through the discord platform. He runs the biggest stocks discords which has gained an unbelievable number of members within a month of its launch. How did the idea of reaching a wide audience through this platform strike his mind? To this Gavin replies, “I was unaware of it a few months back but after starting my Tiktok channel, I came across Discord and realized how huge it was. Wanting to create a powerful presence on it, I connected with other big stock discord holders and worked with them for a while to get a hang of it. After learning about the workings of the business, I started on my own partnering up with Ali Saghi, and that was the start of my fruitful journey,” says Gavin. Today, his Discord provides the best stock and crypto education, and his growing members are enough proof of his popularity and success. They have various chats and voice channels where they teach everything about financial literacy with special focus on stocks. 

What makes Gavin’s initiative distinct is that his team has a personal connect with each member, guiding them on every stage. They have more than fifteen education documents backed by follow up videos that gives the students a clear idea and helps them understand the stock market to the core. Gavin says that Luxury Equities will be popular in the stock niche in the near future, and one has to start learning the nitty-gritties of it. When asked about his future plans, Gavin answers, “we want to create our own app and website that will have the entire workings of the stock market in it and possibly start a hedge fund too in future.” 

To know more, follow his Tiktok and Instagram on gavin_mayo. Also follow his YouTube channel@Gavin Mayo.

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