Meet Bryce Monkivitch: Leading Australian e-commerce CEO and digital entrepreneur.

Mentoring, guiding and empowering millions to master the E-commerce domain is Bryce Monkivitch. 

Meet an Australian Internet Entrepreneur who has surprised all the marketers with his amazing skills and tremendous success – Bryce Monkivitch.  Who started his journey in the year of 2017 and 2018. He started selling dog hats online through Facebook and Internet by using a supplier for the hats from Alibaba an online marketplace, but unfortunately the business trend vanished very soon, so as his business. 

Bryce also used to do freelancing of concrete work; he saved some money by doing this work with the help of that money around $5,000 he peeps into selling trendy fashion to women created online store on the platform of Shopify. Slowly and gradually he successfully established himself in this field with his determination and love for his work. He started implementing his skills very efficiently as result of which more and more customers got attracted and gave a tuff competition to the other marketers. Bryce stores compete with the brand such as – Nasty Gal, Fashion Nova and Princess Polly. He successfully achieved his own recognition and different brand, which are now most profitable ventures of Bryce. 

Bryce has 4 fashion brands all are of female fashion products which includes sportswear, swimwear, and accessories in both the markets Australia and the U.S both are well established. One of his brand named – Sincere Sally (IG: @sinceresally boutique) with has gained humongous popularity with annual turnover more than USD $ 1 Million. Bravo! To this breathtaking entrepreneur.  His company is acknowledged in top 100 fastest growing companies of Australia. Bryce eventually helps other business, markets, and micro workers to grow with an app which he recently build that hires staff from all around the world, this system is highly advanced which result in establishing new skills using the online learning modules.  

Bryce has been highly instrumental in empowering and providing many opportunities to people who has found it difficult to survive in the competitive world and during the current unprecedented global pandemic era. Best wishes to all his future endeavors. 

Do get in touch with him on Instagram @Sinceresallyboutique and visit his website

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