Akil Henley: An all-rounder the world loves:

Photography Credit – Jeffrey Cabrera

Akil Henley prefers to use the word creator rather than influencer for himself. He says one can always exert influence on the creation, but not everyone can be innovative enough to create. The African-American man, hailing from the Virgin Islands, is the “creator”’ of nFluencer app. With the travel restrictions that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought upon, photographers like him would find it difficult to keep on dishing out content in these times. Akil taught himself how to code for iOS by watching YouTube Tutorials. Akil would soon enough create his own app and submit its first version in January. A year after the first draft, the app has more than 106k unique users.

The app enables its users to edit photos with ease, create cool stories or reels, and write longer captions. One of the unique features of the app is the ability to find hashtags for an object by simply clicking a picture of it. The app is aimed at both influencers who look to share content on a platform and also works for amateurs who look to share their content. Akil also curated the app in such a way as to which it also heavily catered to the needs of a travelling creator.

Growing up in the New York City Bronx, Akil’s passion heavily lay in music, and also the fact that it opened up the door of creativity. Soon enough he was interested in photography. 6 years ago, he was one of the pioneers of the genre of aerial photography and his unique style helped him to gain a steady social media following.

In 2018, The Eiffel Tower page re-posted one of his photos, it would help him garner steady popularity and a sizeable online following. He would eventually be also approached by some Paris periodicals to publish his photos. Fast-forward to 2019, one of his photos would be yet again re-posted, this time by the New York City page on Instagram, which would lead to his appointment as a photographer by Elizabeth Sutton, to work on her artworks using aerial photography. He has since photographed more than 40 countries and several US states.

Coming from a background in finance it would often surprise his co-workers with his ability to innovate. He knew to play the instruments including the trumpet, piano and clarinet. Along with his sizeable online following, it would often amuse his co-workers.  Infatuated by the skies from a young age, Akil believes the greatest artists would create their artwork differently if they had the privilege to view the Earth from the sky.

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