Meet Karyna Romanova, who upon finding her inspiration turned her passion for music into a living:

Karyna Romanova is a woman of many talents. She is an amazing actor, model, and rising DJ. She has worked with several famous agencies by DJing in the styles of techno house, afro house and melodic. She has also cooperated with one of the largest modelling agencies in the USA called MMG, as well as worked with the renowned acting agency MTM Agency in Miami.

Romanova moved to the United States a few years ago to start her career in acting and DJing by improving her skills. During this Covid-19 pandemic, while exploring music she found her passion for it. She started learning DJing and music production. Romanova started communicating with prominent people in the industry and met many professionals in the music industry and began to share experiences with them. This has immensely helped her find her own unique style in music. To know more about the industry, she started attending more entertainment events. While observing and practising, Romanova improved her DJing skills and eventually started her career as a DJ in the industry as the opportunity came by.

Being a DJ is not an easy job. Karyna tries to find inspiration for creativity in every event in life as DJing is more than just mixing random music. In actual life, Karyna is a very creative person she likes to draw inspiration from creative events and interesting acquaintances. She said,” If you really love music and it is your passion to become a DJ, you must make sure that you regularly practice and form new connections with well-known people in the music industry who can help you progress in your journey.” Her identity is shaped by her positive vibe, love of creativity and unique self-expression. She wants to inspire and motivate people through her music, filming and photoshoots and wants to broadcast a positive attitude of living.

Presently Karyna is actively in the process of creating music, whose details and dates will be released soon. She thinks the lack of inspiration is one of the biggest challenges that any artist ever faces. But working hard to achieve their goal can help them overcome it. Therefore, she wants to be an inspiration to those artist and music enthusiasts who aspire to be a DJ. Karyna has a substantial follower on her social media with whom she loves to share her journey.

So, if you want to check her social media page here is the link to her Instagram page.

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