Haimov Jewelers, The one stop shop! ( They have got everything you can ever imagine wanting)

Haimov jewelers is a family based organization honoring craftsmanship and quality since 1989. Mr. Igal Haimov, the founder doesn’t just see jewelry as an accessory, he sees it as an art and that’s what makes this company stand out from others. They have been working on establishing their own name rather than following in other people’s footsteps.

Haimov has become THE place to be for all of Miami’s celebrities and artists, since they always eliminate any obstacles that crop up in their path, and their delivery always exceeds expectations. Making the standards extremely high for their competition.

The story of how he began his journey is an awe-inspiring tale : Igal Haimov’s father was a mere taxi driver, so most people’s assumptions about how he got his passion for making jewelry from his father is not true. Igal’s passion started from a very young age, when he started making sketches of jewelry designs from his own creativity. Afterwards, a jeweler recognized his talent and gave him the chance to take his first step into the world of business, and that’s where the story began.

Now he owns a fully operating jewelry store in the heart of Miami. This shop specializes in Custom jewelry

“If you can dream it, we can create it” is one of his most famous sayings. And it is nothing short of a promise to his clients.

Their main priority is quality over quantity. They also believe in showing nothing but the utmost respect to their customers, since they understand that they wouldn’t be where they are now without them.

All of that combined with their attention to detail and their next level craftsmanship is what makes them so unique in the market.

What gave Haimov Jewelers a chance to make a name for themselves in Miami is their extreme level of honesty and transparency with clients, and their intense passion for the art of creating jewelry.

Their quality is exquisite and when you look at their work, it’s very obvious that they pour their heart and soul into their work. The jewelry they make comes from their very soul, and it shows. It is that love for what they do, that has made them a shop loved by everyone who comes across it.

So far, they have done an incredible amount of fabulous and exciting work, such as :

Creating their own line of watches, called Haimov Watches.

Having the Biggest Showroom in the Miami Diamond District.

Dealing with many high profile clients like Kim Kardashian, Lil Pump, Paris Hilton, Lebron james etc.

Their company motto, and their advice to other such upcoming businesses is to always be honest with their clients. They say that honesty is something people recognize, and appreciate and respect you for giving it to them.

This company’s originality and honesty prevents them from running into any major challenges. However, obstacles will always emerge if you’re on your way to success. And so they said, that way they deal with issues is by keeping their chins up and breaking through anything negative with positivity and hardwork.

Their success margin is huge, and rightfully so. But they are not going to stop here, in fact, when we asked them what their future plans and aspirations are, they said and we quote :

“We are looking to expand globally, our plans include us opening a chain of stores in happening places like – NewYork, Los Angeles, Paris, Dubai, Moscow etc. This is to make sure we reach more people who will love us, and more customers who will want to buy from us. Also, we definitely want to create our 2nd Line of Haimov Watches, and launch a gorgeous clothing line representing our brand.”

With this informative article, the people behind the organization want to be able to reach certain goals, which are :

Instagram and Facebook Verification.

To get new attention directed towards the brand.

A Brief Preview to the people about who they are.

If you wish to know even more about them (you totally should) then you should go here :

America Daily : https://www.americadailypost.com/who-is-h

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