Nikolay Shkilev aims to create a platform to help people live the life they’ve always dreamed of!

Nikolay Shkilev is a renowned serial entrepreneur. He is also the CEO of the famous company Zelwin which a global marketplace of goods and also the founder of Private business club. He is not only a businessman but also a mentor, speaker and advisor who talks about the work of the service, combining the real economy (eCommerce) and blockchain technology. 

Nikolay is a businessman who has experience of more than 20 years in owning different types of business. One of Nikolay’s venture, the Private business club is quite popular as it offers investment ideas beyond classic wealth management. It also helps people in global networking with places like Russia, EU, Asia, Mena and many more. It has one of the best IT, DeFi and blockchain projects in the industry. It also provides investments with a faster exit strategy and offers connection with Ultra high-net-worth individuals which is also widely known as UHNWI. 

According to Nikolay Shkilev, “Business is not about money. It’s about making dreams come true for others and for yourself.” His business offers different services which include personal coaching, VIP marketing with top global media and influencers, Advisorship with big experience, connections with smart strategies, also includes investments with fast exit strategies with exclusive offers and it also provides service of listing of exchange with more than 50 companies without involving any intermediaries at a very reasonable price which is affordable to anyone in need.

 In his career of more than 20 years, he has achieved several milestones. He has received several prestigious titles and awards in the world of business like the “Enterprise of the Year” award. the “Self-Made” award in Russia than the “Best IT mentor/advisor ” award and also the “Super TOP” award (Business FM). He was also featured in famous magazines like Forbes, R2B and Entrepreneur. 

Nikolay wants to provide a worldwide network and platform where people can connect with founders and important people all around the globe without any intermediaries. Nikolay believes progress is the key to happiness. so, he along with his teammates aims to help out people all over the world by improving them in every aspect of their life so that they can accomplish their goals and live the life they wanted to live.

If you want to know more about Nikolay Shkilev and his business ventures you can simply check out his website (link down below)

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