Benny Nisanov proves honesty to be the best policy to win the custom jewellery game:

Custom jewellery has been becoming popular in the present days, but what is actually stopping people from relying on individuals with the pieces that they want to be made?  One common answer to this is that nobody wants to hand over an important and expensive project to amateurs. However, excelling and advancing in the field of customized jewellery making is Benny, an individual who has remained true and dedicated to his career since the beginning of time.

It all started when his parents shifted from Uzbekistan and Israel in the year 1988, Moshe and Bella, deciding to settle down in New York. Back then, little Benny was belonging to a middle-class family and his top priority was being the best version of himself, focusing on his education and also focusing on other factors or talents that he might develop along the way. Soon came his true realisation, at the age of eight he started to accompany his father along with the projects and started to work in the jewellery shop. His father also had quite an experience, 20 years to be exact, and Benny picked up a lot from him.

Very soon his father realised that now Benny was ready to take over the business, and once he was an expert, it all came down to him, and he enjoyed every bit of it. Although Benny never managed to complete his education from the very prestigious Forest high school, he picked up some vocational courses and decided to go along with it because it would help him along in the jewellery business. Benny considered that there is no point in investing in something that is not going to bring you anything in return in the future.

Currently, Benny has an established shop in the 47th St, New York City. Here, he has been providing for about five years a range of products like pendants, watches, rings, chains, earrings, and other pieces of limited-edition jewellery or even customizer ones as requested by special clients. He also makes sure that his quality is not compromised, even in the face of a time crunch or other issues. It is because of his such honest services that the celebrity clients have also remained loyal to him come on no matter how complicated to piece is to make, Benny never backs down and make sure that he develops a strategy to deliver the work in the best possible way.

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Instagram handle: @bennydajeweler


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