MagniSkin breaks through in a male-dominated beauty industry:

In today’s world, where women are awakening from a century-long sleep and being vocal about their rights, we are finally noticing that even industries such as beauty, hair and skincare seem to be dominated by men. A lot of people who regulate the cosmetic and clothing industry are male and it is not even surprising at all. We are so used to being bombarded with the male CEO success story that we find it really hard to see a flourished female CEO heading a company. However, little by little, this is surely changing. We are witnessing women taking power back into their hands. They are no longer tied with the vision that society sees them with. 

Pinar and Songul are two such strong-willed women as well as being sisters- who are trying to gain a powered position in the cosmetic industry. Their passion for making women feel confident has manifested into the development of MagniSkin. Before this, they were working in the corporate industry but soon the realization of not being content kicked in which compelled them to follow their passion. Today they are enjoying their passion and have also managed to gain all the worldly pleasures that a successful venture can give. 

MagniSkin is focused on helping clients feel confident and achieving their desired results. They have a long list of loyal clients which includes famed influencers, bloggers, and TV personalities. This is proof of the efficiency and reliability of MagniSkin treatments. Each listed treatment has its own benefit. Apart from handling the treatments themselves, Pinar and Songul also look at other responsibilities and administrative tasks like managing their social media handle, processing orders, keeping a tab on clients and other managerial work which is required to run an efficient business. They truly are an unstoppable duo who are aiming for world domination.

As we’ve seen in the last few years, people are becoming more conscious of the way they look and are willing to spend in order to have great skin. The industry is expected to grow continuously regardless of the intense competition. The sisters are confident that MagniSkin can maintain a status in a competitive environment too and to speed up the process of being the best, MagniSkin has also launched its own range of classes which will completely equip a person to become a professional beautician. To find out more about MagniSkin and its treatments, follow them on:




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