Nipping workplace discrimination in the bud is Siimee:

We always believe that there always exists a better place than where we are, it may be a work office or a society or just a space to be get acknowledged, but let me tell you this- There is none. We need to create that space for ourselves and stop waiting to magically transported there. Rhett Lindsey is one such man, he stood up and decided to no more be the victim of discrimination he faced in the big corporate world that glitters all gold as you see it and made a better platform just not for himself but for the people around him. 

 We desire of getting into that big shot dream companies, but we never know at what cost. Rhett Lindsey was judged on the basis of his race in companies like Facebook and Tinder, he was always made to feel that he is not an equal among his colleagues, being “culturally fit” was a threshold you need to clear before getting a job at these companies. The feeling of not being acknowledged and of being betrayed by the company you are working endlessly for the betterment is disheartening. It takes a lot of courage and will to stand up against it and he sure seems like he has it in abundance. It exploded and showed result, Facebook announced publicly to check their recruiting process and make it neutral for everyone. If a single 32-year-old can do that imagine the change we all together can bring into our surroundings.

Rhett Lindsey created a platform called Siimee where people are recruited merely on the bases of the talent and merits, they possess disregarding of race, gender or background you belong to. Its working magic for the employee and the employer as well. This process will be a boost for the people who always felt less confident while walking into the interview just because of their sex or their skin color. 

Siimee has been working hand in hand with Fyinder.Inc which is a tech company, so as to help develop the Siimee app and make it easier to access for people from all over the world. What makes Siimee fascinating is the fact that it is more of a blind dating app, but for professionals. This means that it mentions nothing about the applicant’s personal information except for previous work experiences, hobbies, interests and of course the qualifications. 

Siimee is on the path to truly creating a revolution in this discriminative world we live in. It is only because of people such as Rhett Lindsey that the world is slowly heading towards a better future. To know more, follow:



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