Shawn Meaike talks about helping others through Family First Life:

Family First Life is one of the largest insurance marketing organizations (IMOs) in the United States focused on life insurance and annuity markets. Shawn Meaike and his team full of leaders have transformed the life insurance industry with their extreme focus on providing world-class service to more than 17,000 agents all over the country. This year, Family First Life will be producing over $250 million of annualized paid premium in the mortgage protection, final expense and annuity markets and along with this, they will also be helping more than 80,000 Americans a year with their life insurance and annuities needs.

“Family First Life has built an outstanding culture of providing agents and agencies with the best contracts, training, support and leads that sets them apart in our industry,” said Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder & CEO of Integrity. “Shawn and his team’s problem-solving mentality and care towards other people have attracted the industry’s best and brightest to associate with them just based on their goodwill in the market – they now recruit over 1,000 new agents per month.”

Shawn has finished his education by graduating with a degree in Applied Social Relations. Due to this degree, he got a chance with the State Department of Children and Families and choose it as a career path. With more than 13 years of experience in this industry backing him, he has become an expert who has accumulated knowledge about the industry and knows the trick of the trade. His previous career in social work was a success but it failed to prove as fulfilling, according to him. Hence, he wanted his next work life to be a joyful and fulfilling one. He wanted to provide meaning to people by solving their problems and hence, Family First Life was formed.

“Partnering with Integrity has proved to be very interesting. This will allow Family First Life to be on the same path which it swore to be in the beginning and what we do the best: serve our agents, their families and more Americans while being part of a larger organization with more resources to help us grow faster,” said Meaike. “This is new and exciting to me, as we help others grow their business and achieve the success that they deserve.”

In case, you wish to know more about Shawn Meaike and his personal achievements, or get further details on Family First Life, visit his social media handles below:






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