Bilal Junaid- from rags to riches, just by following his dream:

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley is the global hub of all entrepreneurs and tech experts. And as we all must have seen from the recent global trends, anyone brave enough to marry these two highly promising sectors together is one who is sure to achieve success sooner rather than later. One such person is Bilal Junaid.

As a child, Bilal Junaid was always full of enthusiasm and ready to take upon challenges on him and this has carried on in his professional and personal life as an adult. When he was in college, he worked at Amazon Web Services and distributed in the systems. He also worked at Series A Accel Venture Capital. His list of achievements doesn’t only end here. He also founded a start-up as a Senior Engineer for 4 years in San Francisco. After this, he started his own fund company in the Valley which is called the Genblock Capital. 

His funding company has deployed over USD 30M in various technological companies over the US, Asia, and the EU. The areas included the sectors of blockchain, AR/VR, and several other parts. He has worked with some of the excellent and top players of the venture capital industry in Silicon Valley. Not only that he had also worked with the top trading desks in the world in the crypto space out of Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York. Not to forget that he is on the board with some of the technological companies like APY Finance, ZeroSwap and works as an advisor for few startup companies.

Having come from a middle-class family with little interest in technology, he has established a successful career. He and his parents are very proud of all that he has achieved as they rightly should be. Now, as he has a position of influence, Bilal encourages everyone to hold on to their dreams just as he did. All dreams can be realized and what matters is the vision bearer. Hard work, focus, and desire to learn are essential guiding principles to success.

There is definitely a lot more with which you can learn about Bilal Junaid and his fund Genblock Capital. If you want to take a peek into Bilal Junaid’s personal life and his achievements in the Valley you can follow him on the link given below:


If you want to know more about the work that Genblock Capital does and wish to see more updates check them out on:





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