Bounce Curl’s founder, Merian Odesho talks about laying the foundation of her successful venture with the use of social media:

Curls sure do look beautiful but they do have their mind of their own. It takes a lot of care to maintain them. A lot of products are introduced in the market in today’s time to tame it. After suffering for years, girls who do not receive proper guidance turn to chemically processed ways to straighten their hair and get rid of the curls. The beauty industry has not been supporting it as they focus more on straightening the hair rather than keeping them as they are original.

As a young girl, like many other curly-haired women, Merian Odesho also struggled to try to tame and properly style her curls. But today, she has cracked the scientific code for curly-haired women everywhere. She turned her struggle into a solution so that future ladies will not suffer like she had to. With that being said, Merican has not turned towards chemicals as she has discovered a natural way that will not harm your teases in the long run.

Merian Odesho came into the beauty industry in her early 20s and immediately recognized the need for formulating products with a safer and more natural touch. In this, she was highly inspired by her grandmother as well. She felt as if everyone was still behind the times by using parabens and harsh sulfates which can be harmful. She originally went to school to become a dentist, and by using her background in chemistry and science, she began creating all different formulas and testing them on herself and even her best friend. Bounce Curl’s first product, Light Crème Gel, is still one of the bestselling products.

“I come from a science background, so any business tips would have been very helpful. I certainly had the piece around creating and marketing my products; building the company structure to support Bounce Curl’s growth was more of a challenge.” says Merian. “It was also a learning process figuring out how to find the best talent to hire as part of the Bounce Curl team and to get Human Resources in place to support and retain that talent. “

Merian Odesho owes her success to social media and encourages everyone to go natural. To know more about Merian Odesho and her brand Bounce Curl, check out their social media handle (link down below)



Instagram: @bouncecurl (Merian: @herbalmmo)

Twitter: @BounceCurl 

Pinterest: @bouncecurl


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