Born in Lincolnshire, Bonnie moved to Surrey in her twenties to explore more avenues of income through businesses. She initially worked as a webcam model and soon discovered the earning potential of the modelling industry. She is presently 33 years old, beautiful OnlyFans model who is at the top of her trade at 0.01% of the creators on OnlyFans worldwide. The British model, actress, and singer rose to fame on social media and is now making over a million dollars a year. Her Instagram account has nearly 800,000 followers and is growing fast, and she has more than 2 million followers on TikTok.

Being a social media influencer and artist is not easy, there have been many ups and downs in her time in business so far but she had faced and overcame it with patience and grace. Internet trolls and bullies have always impacted the mental condition of a person. Even she faced bullies and trolls on social media platforms. The vile and objectifying comments affected her mental peace for a brief period but she learned how to handle it in a proper manner and make herself stronger. 

Bonnie Locket believes that though there is hatred in life that people receive the thing that holds more power is the love, positivity and support from family members, friends and fans. And this will always overweigh such negativity and hatred. “There are some pretty nasty keyboard warriors out there,” she says. 

Bonnie has a fascination for cars in addition to partying and content creating. They hold a special place in her heart since she associates car speed with her rising prosperity. At 30, she purchased her first fast car, a Lamborghini Gallardo that costs over $100,000. Her most recent purchase is a Ferrari California T. Bonnie relates her growing success with the feeling of driving a fast car. Also living her successful life, she lives in a 3-bedroom penthouse to a beautiful barn conversion in Surrey. 

Going forward, Bonnie is not only growing her income and internet popularity, but the incredible content she puts together for her followers.  This outstanding model knows how to stand out in the saturated market and make her content unique in her own way.

Bonnie Locket is on her way to becoming the next big internet sensation. She has already bewitched many with her charms and talents and if you’d like to be next on that ever-expanding list of ardent followers, check her out on her:





YouTube (Sidemen Sunday)-

Reddit (18+)-



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