Living the high life and helping others do the same- Mikey Tanha:

Introducing, Mikey Tanha the CEO of a lifestyle hospitality company called Noble 33 that manages and oversees some of the world’s best high-energy fine-dining restaurants. Restaurants, being a place to serve their customers with the food of their best qualities and giving them an environment to relax in this rush is what the main concern should be. Here, Noble 33 is doing its job in a very commendable manner. More precisely, Noble 33 is a hospitality and lifestyle company with an ever-evolving line-up of unique, social dining restaurants stateside and abroad. 

Mikey and his parents had a rough start to life, having to run away from their home country of Iran due to the revolution. Eventually, Mikey shares about his educational background and adds about the Valedictorian of his High School. Mikey had a 3.5 GPA at UCLA. Mikey also shares that he is a big supporter of the environment and with the intention of doing something good he started the “Tocaya Life Foundation” which focused on reducing single-use plastic in our restaurants.

Being attached to his family, he loves to spend time with his family and have unforgettable experiences with his close friends and family which also drives his love for creating experiences for others within their hospitality venues. This is what makes him stand out from all others which is the combination of his business acumen along with his expertise in hospitality. Many hospitality owners don’t have the corporate and private equity background that he has. When it comes to structuring deals, negotiating with landlords, raising capital for projects and building a company, that’s where a lot of people in the restaurant and hospitality business fall short. And here’s what he boasts about the qualities of his company and himself.

Talking about his company, Mikey mentions that what separates them is that they lead with the quality of the food and the experience for their guests, which impresses them more than anything. He adds, “When you dine at one of our venues, you will feel good about what you put in your body.  We use organic and sustainable ingredients and really put an emphasis on being ingredient forward.”  As far as the experience, every night they have DJ performances, instrumental performances and some sort of theatrics. Their guests come to their venues for more than just a meal, they come for a fun night out.  And that is one of the main competitive advantages that they have.

In case you wish to know about Mikey Tanha and his company, connect with him below: 

Instagram: @mikeythegoat



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